Re:Public - ghost train to justice
step into republic
(you may need an interpreter as well)

What is RE:PUBLIC?

RE:PUBLIC is the result of a discussion of platos observations about justice Plato&apss Republic.

We had a lot of ideas and game concepts and decided to go for one of them. But philosophical doubts lead us to the conviction, that we do not want to tell you more about it. You&apsll have to find it out yourself. But we can tell you one thing: It is a long and adventurously journey which promises new knowledge about justice, truth, beauty... to short it up: about the most precious good. Will you overcome dangerous and abstrusely situations, can you integrate inconsistent structures or do you like magical rings? Take a step closer and enter RE:PUBLIC.

Getting started

You can try the game online. If this works too slow for you, download the game and install an interpreter, if you don&apst already have one.

The game is only one result of an intensive one year discussion about Plato, his Republic and Interactive Fiction. You can find a lot of discussions in the wiki of the project seminar (currently only in German)

What is interactive fiction?

Interactive fiction, often abbreviated IF, describes software simulating environments in which players use text commands to control characters and influence the environment. Works in this form can be understood as literary narratives and as video games. In common usage, the term refers to text adventures, a type of adventure game where the entire interface is text only. (taken from wikipedia)

I am a newbie in Interactive Fiction? What should I do?

As a start, you could play the game "Dreamhold". It is built for beginners of interactive fiction and introduces the commands and interaction possibilities of this media.

Interested to do more?

You can also find the source code of our game online in a subversion repository. If you would like to commit something on the repository: Contact us.

We are looking for people who are interested to participate in the further development of this game and in our discussion. Do you have ideas to improve or modify the game? Do you want to know if philosophical ideas can be transported in the media interactive fiction? Do you want to know how cooperation in philosophy works? Do you have different questions? You can contact us anytime.


There is a lot of software, which is able to interpret IF-games. A short list can be found here. All software here is Open Source. After having installed the software on your computer you should be able to play the game.

Windows: Download Gargoyle Interactive Fiction Player and follow the installer to install.

Mac OS: Download Spatterlight. Open the .dmg file and drop the spatterlight icon to your program-folder in Finder.

Linux: An interpreter called Frotz can be found pre-compiled on all major Linux-distributions, or you can compile it yourself. Sourcecode and installers for other operating systems can be found at

People involved in this project:

Hannes Alkin, Arif Aslan, Stephan Berger, Tobias Haider, Herbert Hrachovec, Andreas Kirchner, Jakob Kraner, Martin Petrak, Alexander Plank-Bachselten, Helga Sinn and others...

Thanks to our beta-testers for their valuable help: Malte Wicking, Agnieszka Wojdecka

- last update: Dec. 14th, 2009 -