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How to find electronic conferences

There are several thousand academic mailing lists on the Internet. Some of them are lively and involve the transfer of many messages every single day; others are used only occasionally. The American librarian Diana K. Kovacs created a directory of them and keeps it up-to-date under the title ``Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences.'' The file is usually named ACADLIST and most university computing centers keep a copy of it. In addition to Kovacs's general list, Stephen Clark has compiled an annotated list of philosophical mailing lists which is available from the archive of the PHILOSOP discussion group. (Send an e-mail to listserv@yorkvm1.bitnet with the command ``get list-of phillists''.) If you decide to participate in one of the discussions, it is advisable to send first a ``help'' command to the address of the list-handling software in order to find out the exact procedure for subscription.

László Turi

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