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Hrachovec refers to the disturbing experiences ...

Hrachovec refers to the disturbing experiences he and I have had in the course of a joint experiment which is still in progress. The Monist Interactive Issue Project is an attempt to compile a special issue of this venerable American philosophical periodical by using discussions initiated and conducted on the Internet. I myself planned to direct a discussion under the title ``The Concept of Knowledge in the Context of Electronic Networking'' and have, in the course of the last few months, sent out into the great wide world an extensive list of questions to be considered, as well as a lengthy document to accompany that list. I have not received a single reply. At first, I was bewildered; today I think I understand. There is no such thing as a concept of knowledge in the context of electronic networking. All there is are procedures which one knows or does not know, or is not informed about; or locations in the global hypertext one finds or does not find. The humanities of the future will not have a Platonistic outlook; rather, a Wittgensteinian one, asking not for the meaning but for the use; or even a Heraclitean one - it is no accident that Wittgenstein, in the 1930s, was so intensely interested in the Heraclitean question. It is the multimedia flux of communication the humanities of the future will be striving to understand - to understand and, perhaps, to even bring to a halt, if, as I believe, the conventional text retains a measure of functionality.gif

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