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The ``mii-ckcn'' list was by this time ...

The ``mii-ckcn'' list was by this time widely publicized on the net, there had been inquiries, people had subscribed - the above text must have reached many a screen. But it did not elicit a single response. So on April 14, 1996, I decided on a new beginning. I re-mailed the target paper, along with the text of my ``Unity of Knowledge'' paper, to a circle of some twenty colleagues. Two of them I had become acquainted with via e-mail; the rest were personal acquaintances - colleagues and students, from Hungary and from abroad. I had asked them to reply to me directly, indicating that the mii-ckcn list had been for the time being frozen.

In the course of the next four weeks two of the addressees replied. One was Dr. Michael Biggs of the School of Art and Design, University of Hertfordshire, UK. Michael in fact commented on a passage in the ``Unity of Knowledge'' paper; so let me first quote that passage from the Networking in the Humanities volume (pp. 261ff.):

Fri Jul 25 22:00:35 MEST 1997